Chaffee County will be moved to level blue on March 10, 2021.
For information:
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Executive orders and public health orders have the force of law. People who do not comply with the executive order may be subject to civil or criminal penalties.

Residents can contact the Chaffee County Public Health Department for Vaccination Information: :


The effectiveness of different types of masks: 
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Make your own:
Colorado Mask Project


Stay Safe! Salida
Sandwich Board Hosts & Supporters:

Kaleidoscope Toy Store
- Fun Street Family Arcade
- Free the Monkey
- Drift & Amble

- Eye Candy
- Tribal Rugs

- Ship ‘N Things
- Ruby Blues
- Box of Bubbles

- Salida Bike Company
- Cafe Dawn
- Palace Hotel
- Salida SteamPlant

- Howl Mercantile & Coffee
- Chaffee Printing Center

free the monkey Free the Monkey Consignment

Free the Monkey Consignment

Box of Bubbles

Box of Bubbles

Drift & Amble

Drift & Amble

Eye Candy Art & Treasure

Eye Candy Art & Treasure

F Street Mall - Sue Ann Hum

Ruby Blues Consignment & Resale

Tribal Rugs

Tribal Rugs

Kaleidoscope Toy Store

Kaleidoscope Toy Store

Ship ‘N Things

Fun Street Family Arcade

Fun Street Family Arcade

Cafe Dawn Cafe Dawn

Cafe Dawn

Salida Bike Company

Salida Bike Company

Salida SteamPlant

Salida SteamPlant

Thanks, Everyone!
Our posters are on the streets or in windows around town. We are no longer accepting artwork, but invite you to display a poster to spread the message that wearing a mask helps everyone

All submissions (received as of 8/16/20) were used, either as sandwich board posters or as smaller window posters.

Participating Artists:
If you would like a free coroplast poster (or smaller paper version) of your piece just let us know. 

If you are a business or have a free window at home:
We’d be happy to give you an 11x17 paper poster - your choice from the images on this page. Just drop us a line via the CONTACT link.  If you display a poster, let us know. We can list your support here (with a picture if you like).

“Stay Safe! Salida”
The Project:

We’re a small ad hoc committee waging a poster (on sandwich board) campaign  in an attempt to get the word out that wearing a mask in this time of COVID-19 is in everyone’s best interest. Wearing a mask in public protects you and it protects those around you.

We love the idea of seeing art on the streets, so why not spread the message that way? That’s been our project. There were  several groups already working to educate and support the community about this issue. We wanted to help.

Posters featuring the work of local creatives have been mounted on sandwich boards and placed in different parts of the city. The posters are also displayed on this page (click image to expand). We have 12 boards (2 posters each) . Smaller paper posters are available for windows.

In order to fill  the boards and get them to the street, the committee  contributed several of their own to add to those submitted by county participants. 

The focus: Salida but all Chaffee County residents (all ages) were invited to participate. We were only limited by the # of available sandwich boards and the requirement that images needed to clearly express the message - “Wearing a mask helps everyone!”

The artists carry the copyright for their work. All rights reserved.

Other Local COVID Mask &  Info Projects:
- Salida Business Alliance
- Salida Chamber of Commerce
- Chaffee County Visitors Bureau

Thanks to Our Supporters:
- Salida Business Alliance
- Burdge Davis
- Tina Gramann
- Local creatives who contributed their artwork & good name to the project
- Terry Dactyl who built the boards, contributing a great deal of time & labor
- Businesses who are hosting a sandwich board & poster

- Community groups & individuals who offered advice and enrouagement
- City & County offices that shared time & information Committee:
- Laura Barton 
- Ken Brandon
- Pam Judd

Our original call for poster artwork:
- Email us first so we can help:
- The original image should be at least 11x17 inches
- Digital file: 300 dpi, or we can scan in your 11x17 hard copy for you.
- At least one person, animal, or figure in your image should be wearing a mask.
- Include your own message for the top banner (see posters above for ideas).
- Be respectful, creative & have fun with your posters.
- You can submit artwork as a team & all ages are welcome!